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NOM Magazine 是致力深耕、報導全球飲食產業動態的獨立網路媒體。


About NOM Magazine

NOM Magazine is an independent online media dedicated to cultivating and reporting on dynamic global F&B industry news.

We aim to gather diverse perspectives, report on pertinent domestic and international issues in the industry, and utilizing industry experts to provide in-depth perspective and expertise to the F&B market.


NOM Magazine 隸屬於台灣飲食產業社群 FOODLAND VENTURES。 FOODLAND VENTURES 致力於讓你我都能「有意識地」選擇食物以及製作食物的人。 透過線上媒體及線下社群活動,聚集有志一同的廚人及創業家交流互動、分享資源,一起討論飲食產業面臨的疑難雜症與解決之道。欲了解更多,請點此連結


NOM Magazine is a subsidiary of FOODLAND VENTURES.

FOODLAND VENTURES strives to enable food creators to consciously choose the food they eat and the food they create. We gather like-minded food creators, lovers & entrepreneurs to create a community where thought leaders connect, share resources, and discuss solutions to the issues facing our industry.

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NOM Magazine 推出網站及電子報廣告曝光合作方案,協助飲食產業的夥伴瞄準讀者族群,精確而有效地推廣自己的品牌或活動。 詳細合作方案介紹,請點此連結

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